Committee Name
National Show Chairman

Sheryl Kendrick

Asst. National Show Chairman Flint Maxcy
Best All Round Sheltie Kara Kolster
Catalog Advertising Carolyn Ing
Chief Ring Steward Marjorie Tuff
Grooming Area Keith Kozakiewiz
Judges Education Meredith Hector
Judges Gifts

Holly Hatcher

Judges Hospitality  
Junior Handler Events Marni Sharoff
Parade of Rescued Performance Dogs Sheryl Kendrick
Parade of Veterans Sheryl Kendrick
Parade of Winners Liz Bianchi
Preferred Seating Nancy Tappe
Ringside Education Yvonne DeFreitas
RV Parking Coordinator

Show Announcer

Liz Bianchi

Show Announcer Information Julie Iverson
Show Treasurer Cay Ireland
Souvenirs Debra Vetz
Symposium Cay Ireland
Showcase Spectacular Terry Jennings, Jen Milani, Kara Kolster
Trophies & Ribbons Stephanie Trautman-Riley
Trophy Solicitation Irene Munsey
Vendor Chair Kathy Kozakiewiz
Visiting Hours Sheryl Kendrick
Welcome Party Hector and Meredith Hector
Webmaster Jen Milani


Committee Name
National Performance Trial Chairman Janita Jaster
Assistant Performance Trial Chairman Marion Karp
ASSA Agility Trial Chairman Theresa Corcoran
ASSA Herding Chairman Penny Brcich
ASSA Obedience/Rally Chairman Loretta Lazzara
Trial Secretary - Agility  
Trial Secretary - Herding  
Trial Secretary - Obedience/Rally


Catalog Advertising Danine Jaster
Parade of Rescued Performance Dogs Sheryl Kendrick
Performance Treasurer Nancy Craig
Trophy Solicitation  




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